Welcome to the German Speaking Church


The members of our church community belong to many age groups. We all share the same desire, namely:

  • to celebrate church services in German together
  • to impart to our children an open and Christian upbringing through church services and other church community activities
  • to be a social centre for our older members


A formidable bridge connects England and Wales. Simultaneously it connects the German Protestant congregations in Wales with the congregations in South England, Southwest England and in the West Midlands, which are all sharing one Pastorate. Together with a further 15 other congregations they form the “Evangelische Synode Deutscher Sprache in Großbritannien”. It is the aim of the German-speaking Protestant congregations to serve as a bridge:

  • between individual Christians, who like Protestant church services and pastoral care in German
  • between the church-critical reformation of Martin Luther and the different confessions in England and Wales, -
  • between the Bible, in which the secrets of a fulfilled life can be found, and those seeking true happiness.

Thus, our congregation is a home to people of different Christian confessions originating in different mother tongues.