In Birmingham, church services for the large number of German speakers have been held since 1912. In 1913 a congregation was officially opened. However, the two wars hindered the final formation of a congregation. It took until 1968 for the congregation to get its own minister, whom they shared with Coventry. Later Birmingham became part of the Midlands’ Pastorate. Since 2002 Birmingham and Coventry form a double-congregation that became part of the multi-centered Pastorate South-, Southwest-England, Wales and West Midlands in 2012. Even though the organisation of the congregation has changed drastically in the last 100 years, the task has remained the same to offer a German-speaking Christian community that is open to all interested.

The congregation is jointly responsible for the memorial service at the German war cemetery in Cannock Chase, treasures the contact to other German speaking groups and offers a Saturday School. Until summer 2017 the congregation rented out rooms to students.

The congregation worships in the building of the Methodist Church Hay Green including child-oriented activities. Thanks to the voluntary work of their lay-preachers, the congregation offers fortnightly services.