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In small congregations the responsibility for the life of the church community lies, year in, year out on the shoulders of a few. Therefore it is good to have friends who recognise and appreciate this work. For example, by becoming subscribers to the church newsletter.



A church service in a small church needs at least ten participants in order to be sufficiently inviting to attract others. When about twenty people are in attendance the feeling grows that, although small, a congregation is gathered together. The bigger the congregation at a service, the deeper can be the experience of the congregation. Everyone present therefore, adds to the church service.



Our congregation must cover an annual outlay of at least £20,000. These costs can only be partially covered by the income from the room rents gathered from buildings which belong to the church, and so we are dependent on membership subscriptions and other income in order to be able to maintain our small church community. We are exceedingly grateful for donations and we are also delighted when we are remembered in a legacy.


Particulars of the bank account:

German Lutheran Congregation, Birmingham-Coventry

Account Nr. 03390758

Sort Code 30-96-12



A German speaking church in Great Britain can only exist where at least 50 members take on the financing and the responsibility. We need, therefore, continual growth in order to compensate for death and members who move out of the area. Should you wish to become a member then please contact our chairwomen Anne-Katrin Klehe our treasurer Hilde Thomas. 
We look forward to seeing you!

If you are interested, then, please come to one of our events or get in touch with our Minister or with one of the members of the congregation.